500M 850nm Infrared Laser Lighting Module

● Intelligent auto-dimming

● Smart Sync Zoom

● Smart match, Hot-swappable

● Real-time monitoring, intelligent control

● Intelligent Temperature Control

● Photoelectric conversion rate of 90%

● -40 ℃ cold start up

● 3-70 ° wide lighting angle, angular distance without flashlight effect


The 500M infrared laser light (TB-IR850-500M) is a close series infrared laser lights with highly intelligent, high-performance, high-quality, high security and high starting point. Mainly used in video surveillance auxiliary lighting at night, so that video surveillance equipment can get crisp and clear, high-quality night vision monitor screen in the dark( even in total darkness no light conditions).

The 500m infrared laser is suitable for all kinds of security monitoring systems, complete night vision illumination distance and angle, applicable to all security monitoring equipment on the market.

Standard Series of Products——from 300M to 4KM distance,
                               Lighting  angle:  0.3°~70°.

Custom Made——from 500m to 20km distance


Best night vision illumination distance range from 30 meters to 500 meters, it can meet the professional applications of high-definition night vision surveillance quality requirements, such as: safe city, intelligent transportation, automotive systems, prisons, border Haiphong, forest fire prevention, oil depots, large-scale plant, the security sector, ecological reserves, mining energy, water power, airports, ports, administrative law enforcement, fishery and maritime surveillance and so on.



1. Smart Features

l Photosensitive auto-dimming, passive dimmer and remote back-dimming multiple dimming.

l Synchronization with intelligent zoom interface, enabling synchronized zoom lens focus precisely calculate and adjust the light intensity, Synchronous electric zoom from 2.0°70°, perfectly adapted to the market 20X, 30X and surveillance camera.

l Intelligent software system on the market can replace other brands of infrared lighting system, matching different brands of smart monitoring devices, Hot-swappable, do not need to match the angle.

l The software is Capable of real-time monitoring and intelligent controlling.


2. Design Features

l Optical design Patent, high efficiency, conversion rate of photoelectric range up to 90%.

l Ultra-low power, precision current design, less heat, less heat than similar products saving up to 20~50%.

l Smart temperature protection, convector air-cooled coaxial design to ensure long continuous operation within the whole temperature range still working.

l Universal mounting interface and installation location, easy to install in a variety of monitoring equipment.



l Start up at -40 ℃ , without additional warm-up components, no waiting.

l Large lighting angle, 2.0° -70 ° , no dead ends.

l Operating at -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ meet industrial standard.

l The life span is more than 50000 hours.

l The new 3KM-AOT laser homogenization technology, full-focus fill light even fine, no speckle.

l Military Standard Testing:

n Shock test (6 hours, 3 mm amplitude, frequency 25Hz);

n Drop test (with a package at 1.5 m height);

n Failure rate is within 5‰ after 48 hour aging test.

n Extreme temperature and lifetime assessment ( 6 months)


 Model No.



500 meters 850nm IR Laser Module

Lighting Distance



850±5m 940nm and 980nm Optional

Laser Chip Power


Output Power


Lighting Angles

Minimum Angle 2.4°;  Lighting Distance >500m;  Spot Diameter <21m;

Near Angle 70°;  Lighting Distance >40m

Working Voltage


Power Consumption


Control Mode


Communication Mode


Communication Protocol

Pelco_D ProtocolBaud Rate 9600bps by default or 4800bps / 2400bps

Storage Temperature


Operating Temperature



55mmx55.8mmx96.2mmW x H x L


About 230g


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