Quality First - TENBO Strategy for Larger International Market

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On Oct 8th, 2019, the A&S magazine interviewed TENBO Sales Director Jared Liu in Shenzhen.

As a leading manufacturer of video surveillance products and solutions in China, TENBO has announced to step into international market with state-of-art technologies and has gained a lot of attentions. Our company invests about 15% of annual sales revenue in R&D every year. We have more than 300 R&D engineers today. Numerous TENBO products have been acknowledged and awarded by professional associations and organizations in the security industry.

During the interview, Mr. Jared Liu talked about TENBO's strategies' differentiate from other companies, "There are essential differences between TENBO and other manufacturers. What TENBO concerns most is quality instead of price. Based on our profound network technical basis and advancing IP technologies, we launched HD IP camera first in China early in 2007. Now, TENBO's products and solutions have been widely deployed in domestic projects such as banking and finance, retails, schools, stadium, hotels, banks, hospitals, office buildings, forest-fire prevention, metro, highways, high-speed railway, toll gates and city traffic management.